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Purple Carrot Juice Concentrate 50° Brix No Acid

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We manufacture our Purple Carrot Juice Concentrate from high quality process grade carrots. The extracted juice can either be acidified with lemon juice or citric acid or left non acidified. It is then pasteurised, evaporated and packed on our state of the art production line and then frozen. The concentrate does not contain any added sugar, preservatives, colours or flavours.

At JPNZ, we use the whole carrot for juicing, not just bi-products such as skins and ends. This ensures that as much goodness as possible remains.

Parameter Specification
Brix 50° ± 1°
Acidity @ 8.1° Brix <0.6% w/w as Citric acid
pH @ 8.1° Brix 5.4 – 6.2
Colour @ 8.1° Brix Dark Purple
Hunter Lab values available on request
Flavour Mild Typical Purple Carrot Flavour. No Off Flavours or Aromas
Total Plate Count <5,000 cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mould <100 cfu/g
E.coli & Coliforms Not Detected (<3 MPN/g)
Salmonella Not Detected/25g
Alicyclobacillus Not Detected
Pesticide Residue Complies with known requirements of importing country
Foreign Matter Nil
Allergens Nil
GMO Status Nil
Ingredients 100% Purple Carrot
Contains Anthocyanin, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Fibre
Net Weight 245kg in drums