Healthy Natural New Zealand Goodness


Company Mission

"Healthy Natural New Zealand Goodness"

Our mission is to enrich and nourish people’s lives by bringing healthy, natural and quality products to our customers.

JPNZ focuses on being a leading provider of “Healthy Natural New Zealand Goodness” products to our customers overseas and at home.

Being based in South Canterbury allows JPNZ the opportunity to take advantage of being within a region known for its abundance of fertile land and its ability to produce vast crops, a real “food bowl” of New Zealand. This direct access to such quality fresh fruits and vegetables leads to a better quality products for our customers and their end users.



We Are Committed To:


  • Our Customers; we are an innovative and forward thinking company, always looking at how best to meet the needs of our customers, through improvement in production techniques to trials of new vegetable and fruit products
  • Quality Products; by being able to source quality raw materials , processed in a “State of the Art” facility, being able to offer customers full traceability of the final product.
  • Our Growers; we work alongside our growers and seed suppliers, so that we can improve yields, while maintaining consistency of quality in the final product.

Using the Best of New Zealand Fruits and Vegetables

See us in action in our video below:

Product Quality
Our raw materials are predomintely sourced from the local area of South Canterbury, New Zealand. These quality raw materials are then processed in our 'State of Art' facility
Having great working relationships with our growers and seed suppliers, leads to improved yields on farms and consistency in quality
Product Development
We are continually working on new products to meet the current demands of our clients, while developing new products to meet potential future needs of the market.

carrot plant

The History of JP-NZ

Juice Products New Zealand Limited (JPNZ) is a New Zealand oriented and operated processor of vegetable and fruit juice concentrate based in Timaru, South Canterbury.

JPNZ is a leading processor of raw carrots into high quality carrot juice concentrate; which are mainly exported to countries in Asia, North America and Australasia.

JPNZ process a variety of fruit purees which include apricot, cherry and plum purees. We also produce varietal grape juice concentrates, blackcurrant concentrate and special fruit blends. Vegetable juices include beetroot concentrate, broccoli juice concentrate and celery juice concentrate. Along with broccoli puree JPNZ also produce other vegetable purees.

The original business, established in 1993 was located in the town of Timaru. The existing JPNZ site based in the industrial area Washdyke, Timaru was established in 2008. In 2014, JPNZ was acquired by Sumitomo Corporation, one of Japan's major integrated trading and investment business enterprises.